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 Queue Management System

 Multi Counter Queuing Token Display is indigenously built with the state of art Technology to announce Token Number and the Counter / Desk Number of the display from its internal computer software in a pleasant human voice. As soon as any token Number is changed or incremented by the operator on any counter. The respective Counter / desk Number will FLASH to alert the customers. This Multiple Counter Display is useful for customer Care Centers, Bank’s Multiple Help Desks/Single Window Counters.

 Token Display operated through Keyboard / Wireless RF Remote Control

  1. Token announcing System operated through wired keyboard

  2. Language Available – In all Indian Regional languages.

  3. Audio in pleasant Human Female voice.(Non Robotic)

  4. Advance RF based wireless token display is available in single /Multiple Line

  5. Multiple Line RF token display can be used to display missed & current status token number.

  6. Wireless Keyboard in M.S. cabinet.

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