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Weather Monitoring System is a wireless and solar operated system which is designed to monitor the environmental conditions. The combination of different sensors makes it simple and economical package. Different sensors embedded in a single unit allows it to measure various parameters such as particulate matter (PM10 and  PM 2.5),Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2),Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Wind speed , wind direction, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Rain Gauge and light intensity simultaneously. Capability of sensors to resist heavy rainfall without any effect on performance increases its life span. This system comprises of hardware and software.



We hereby propose a smart weather monitoring system over the Internet, Our proposed system allows for weather parameter reporting over the Internet. This system uses temperature, humidity as well as rain sensor to monitor weather and provide live reporting of the weather statistics. The system constantly transmits this data to the microcontroller, which now processes this data and keeps on transmitting it to the online web server over a Wi-Fi connection, all the above parameters are displayed on software window. This live data is updated to be viewed on the online server system and simultaneously on LED display, which displays real value as measured by various sensors


Thus the IOT based weather monitoring system provides an efficient internet based weather reporting system for uses.


The most versatile and compact Environmental Monitoring System that combines high quality weather monitoring Sensors with Ambient Air Quality parameters to give a complete solution for all kinds of Environmental Monitoring data system.

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