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Product Name                                P4                                         P5                                             P6

LED package                             SMD2724                           SMD3528                                  SMD3528

Pixel pitch                                      4mm                                    5mm                                       6mm

Pixel density                           62500 dots/m²                 40000 dots/m²                       27777 dots/m²

Cabinet Size                                                               600mm*600mm*70mm

Cabinet Weight                                                                        8.2kg

Driver Mode                                                                   Constant current

Scan Mode                                   1/16scan                               1/8 scan                                    1/8 scan

Brightness Max                        1500cd/m²                            1500cd/m²                               1500cd/m²

Maximum Power                     1000W/m²                            1000W/m²                               1000W/m²

Reference average power    400W/m²                           400W/m²                                  400W/m²

Viewing Distance                         ≥4m                                     ≥5m                                           ≥6m

Viewing angle                                                          Horizontal 140˚ / Vertical 140˚

Cabinet thickness                                             Standard cabinet 140: simple cabinet 100

Control Method                                                                    synchronous

Frame frequency                                                                         ≥60Hz

Refresh frequency                                                        ≥400Hz, Max 1000Hz

Gray Level                                                                                      ≥4K

Working Temperature                                                            -10˚C- +40˚C

Work voltage                                                                    AC220V+-10 % ; 50Hz

Video Interface                                       VGA, DVI, CVBS, Y/C, YPbPr, SDI/HDSDI, HDMI

Communication distance     Network cable <-100mm; Multimode Fiber -500m; Single mode fiber <-10km

Service life                                                                            1,00,000 Hours

Control System                                  LED special video card +Professional LED Control system

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