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Parking Guidance System


 Shopping Mall

 Multiplex Theater

 Corporate Lobbies

 Multi Storyed Residential Complex


 Club House


 Sports Complex


 Size: As per requirement.


 Parking Guidance

It is the most updated technology in car parking, which can direct & guide you along the most convenient available parking space in the parking zone. When it comes to parking, it is necessary to manage the movement of the vehicles within these facilities to ensure the highest possible occupancy, optimal space utilization and to provide a stress free pleasurable environment for parking customer. Parking guidance system has the ability to pinpoint numbers of vacant parking spaces available on each level which help drivers to reach to the most convenient parking space in the shortest amount of time.


Why A Parking Guidance System IS needed At The Most?

  1. Ensure a pleasurable & stress free parking experience.

  2. Efficiently direct traffic to levels with available spaces.

  3. Reduce time spent in searching for parking space.

  4. Makes Traffic facilities safer & more efficient.

  5. Eliminates driver frustration.

  6. Stop congestion / eliminate meandering.

  7. Establishes a marketable reputation for convenient & efficient parking.

  8. Enhance the satisfaction of your customer.

  9. Reduce the internal traffic load & the environmental pollution.

  10. LED Parking available display are energy efficient & low power consuming.


Parking Guidance Systems can be Customize according To Your Requirement

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