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Digital Signage



Corporate communications

Doctor’s Waiting Room

Gas Pump Stations


Meeting Room

Public Transportation

Quick Service Restaurant

Reception Area


Room / Venue Management

Shopping Mall




Our QL platform is extremely flexible and adaptable. QL Signage software can be used in hundreds of applications like: dynamic digital signage, advertising displays, electronic menu boards, media players, narrow casting, digital - out-of home (DOOH), electronic billboards, electronic display projects and many other.


Navori is one of the very few digital signage companies totally focused on digital signage software R & D with 15 years of experience and a market presence that spans the globe.


QL Player main features

  1. Display content with abroadcast TV look and feel in full screen or in a template with a ticker

  2. Multi-layer and transparency are supported.

  3. Built in designer and data feed manager.

  4. Plays according to schedule, rules or events. System or interface interactive content triggering: remote control, QCR, touch screen, alarm system, motion detection.

  5. Plays according to available on low cost Google Android hardware.

  6. Powerful easy-to-use content management system: from creation to play-out in three simple steps.

  7. Multi-user and multi level management.

  8. Advanced playback monitoring and reporting.

  9. Reduce your operation costs by 50%

  10. NAVORI QL server is transparently compatible with Windows and Android player versions.

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