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Passenger Information System


Bus /Bus Stop / Bus Depo

Railway Stations



Size: As per requirement.



The LED Bus Displays can be used to show wide range of messages such as bus service number, destination, scheduled departure, arrival time, advertisements etc which benefits the passenger to travel safely & reached their destination on time.


Bus Destination Display System

The Bus station Display system provides complete passenger information throughout a bus station from Entry to Departure.

The main display  is the arrival and departure board, which shows the bus route number, origin /destination, arrival / departure time, Destination Display is Mounted at font & backside of Bus It helps long distance visibility to passenger waiting at bus stop, Passenger information Display is Installed Inside Bus with audio announcements facilitate on board passengers for their upcoming destination.


Front Display;

To Display Route Number along with Starting Point & Last drop location in scrolling or format as programmed.


Rear Side Display;

To display Route number in fixed format with start & last station Name in scrolling format.


 Inside Display;

LED Display Installed inside Bus is used for as next stop sign, which provides bus passengers with the location of the next stop on an LED display showing the estimated time for next coming stop depending upon current location in single line in visual format & with an audio announcement for next stop.


Audio Voice Announcement System (AVA)

The Automatic Voice Annunciation (AVA) feature in LED displays is provided to serve passengers, including both the visually and hearing handicapped and makes it easier for people unfamiliar with the route, like tourists, to know that they are boarding the right bus, The messages can be repeated many times and in multiple languages to ensure  everyone can understand.


ETA – (Estimated Time Arrival) Display System

This term is commonly used to show the time at which a Bus is supposed to arrive at that particular station. The time is specified

In the form with expected time in minutes, depending upon of arrival of bus, passenger can utilize their precious time by selecting the route, destination & location to their priority to reach on time to their destination. The latest technologies ETA System offers  the best solution in the field of public transport which had been design by our professional team of software and hardware engineers for the benefits of public.



  1. LED Display Systems / Display boards is suitable for Day /Night Visibility.

  2. Available in single, Multi color and in true color LED Display boards.

  1. Intensity Control through LDR based system.

  2. Interfaces GPRS and GSM based interface technology.

  3. Modem interface for obtaining the data from remote place and displaying the same.

  4. Route selection facility through feather touch keyboard & route programmable through USB Interface.


  6. Data transfer: It is Easy and quick irretrievability for all the memory whenever required, it consists of USB port for data transfer and has provisions for up grading / modifying the existing information as well as additions and deletions of programs.

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